About us


The Ardey Hotel is an exceptional hotel not only for its ambience. Even behind the scenes, many things are different than elsewhere. The Ardey Hotel is an integration company. People with and without disabilities work together here.

It is run by the Kolping Forum Witten non-profit GmbH in the spirit of the tradition of the social reformer and Catholic priest Adolph Kolping (1813 - 1865). He was convinced that every person can and wants to contribute to society when circumstances allow it. Decisive is the perspective from which a person is considered.

Like Adolph Kolping at his time, we look to the strengths and potentials that we promote and expand.

Back in the 19th century, at the time of the Industrial Revolution, it was the hikers who needed special support. Today it is people with learning difficulties, migration background or disabilities.

What was true for Adolph Kolping at that time also applies to us:
"Everybody demands what he can do."